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MAYA ANGELOU ‘Phenomenal Woman’

“My mama said a lady ain’t what she wears but what she knows.” —Video -India Arie (via shop-blvck-nostalgia)

You are like a pile of cherry pits


You are like a pile of cherry pits

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Alasan utama untuk menjadi dokter hewan 
(Meskipun yang mangku bukan dokter hewan)



Alasan utama untuk menjadi dokter hewan

(Meskipun yang mangku bukan dokter hewan)

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Going Home from ezioux on 8tracks Radio.

Going Home

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“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.”Kurt Vonnegut  (via yvesmcqueen)

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“Oscar Wilde said that if you know what you want to be, then you inevitably become it - that is your punishment, but if you never know, then you can be anything. There is a truth to that. We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing - an actor, a writer - I am a person who does things - I write, I act - and I never know what I am going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun.” —Stephen Fry (via mercurieux)

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Happy Birthday!

“What is it that you are absolutely sure you will never forget about being this age, and why have adults forgotten it?” – Amanda Mae Meyncke

I’m turning 19 today! Hooray!

So, I feel like it’s mandatory to write a birthday post. Inspired by the quote above, here are some things I learned during my eighteenth year of life-residency:

  • Whenever you’re in a new place, act like a kid!

          I tried to act like an adult sometime around this year, and I gained only half as much fun as I usually have. Meh. Never again.

  • People change, and it’s okay because you’re changing too.

          I see my friends come and go this year, and it really showed me that change is the only constant thing in life.

  • Things are only as good as you make them to be.

          When you devote yourself to something, you will get the result you want. This year I devoted myself to dancing and French, they took up most of my time. As a result, me and my team won another prize in a world-wide competition (in which I will tell you later) and I get into French Studies major in uni. Double yeay!

  • Letting go is never easy.

          I got into university this year. I live away from my parents now, meeting new people in a very diverse environment (you wouldn’t believe it), having more and more opportunities to try, it is at some point becomes overwhelming. I have to un-stuck myself from my old live and it ain’t easy, my friend.

         I’m very into Sherlock right now. I couldn’t stop talking if you chat me up about it! In the series, Sherlock has this mind palace, where he stores all information in his mind. I am currently setting up mine and I have started to put a few things inside, including the things I don’t want to let go but I have to I have to I have to. And surprisingly, it works!

Being 18 has been very enjoyable and inspiring because you’ve got to see the clichés happening in your life, but in a good way! (Well sometimes it’s depressing, though). But I am very grateful whatsoever, I have a happyhappyhappy life and I couldn’t be more thankful.



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